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Welcome to RoamFrame, where our mission is to transform the visual narratives of hotels & resorts across Canada and worldwide destinations into powerful assets for your brand.

Directed by Graham Twomey, a leader in hotel & resort photography and video, complemented by his specialized expertise in hospitality marketing. RoamFrame stands out in the commercial photography and video landscape by understanding that compelling content transcends mere aesthetics—it must seamlessly integrate into a strategic marketing framework to enhance your property's Average Daily Rate (ADR) and overall market presence.


Elevate your hotel's allure to majestic heights with RoamFrame's drone photography and video services. In a world where the first impression is everything, our aerial shots provide an unparalleled vantage point that transforms your property into a panoramic masterpiece. From the sweeping grandeur of your landscapes to the intricate details of your architecture, our drone services capture the essence of your hotel, making it stand out as a beacon of hospitality. Fully insured with an Advanced Drone Pilots Certificate, accredited by Transport Canada, RoamFrame ensures that every flight is conducted with the utmost safety, precision, and professionalism. Let us help you transcend the conventional and give your guests a breathtaking preview of what awaits them. 

Behind the Camera,
Beside Your Team

At RoamFrame, we recognize that photo and video shoots in a live hotel environment are a delicate dance of logistics and timing. Graham's nuanced approach respects the operational tempo of your property, striving to mitigate any potential disruptions. His adept planning and execution of shoots prioritize efficiency and enjoyment, fostering a vibrant atmosphere that shines through in every frame.

Stoneridge Mountain Resort's outdoor pool in Canmore, Alberta, with the majestic Three Sisters Mountains in the background, set against a clear summer sky.

Frame Your Journey:
B2B Insights in Travel Imagery.


Welcome to RoamBlog, your definitive source for insights on photography, video, and tailored content catering to the B2B travel sector. Dive deep into a rich tapestry of articles, case studies, and visual narratives, all meticulously curated to empower travel businesses. Whether you're a hotelier, a tour operator, or a travel marketer, RoamBlog offers the expertise and innovation to illuminate your brand's story, ensuring it resonates powerfully with your industry peers and partners.

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