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Where Expertise Meets Authenticity in
Travel Visuals.

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A young woman and man joyfully running along a beautiful Hawaiian beach at sunset, creating a romantic silhouette against the colorful sky.

18 Years of Global Experience, Fused with an Insider's Understanding of the Hospitality Sector.

Embark on a journey with RoamFrame,

where every snapshot resonates with an authenticity born from a deep understanding of the travel and hospitality industry.

Founded by Graham Twomey, a seasoned professional with two decades of experience in tourism photography and marketing. We're a new one-person company with global ambitions, specializing in authentic visuals. From content strategy to on-site photography, video, staging, editing, and marketing consulting, we offer full-service content creation solutions, setting the stage for your property's success.

Journey through Our Portfolios

Our Empathetic Approach to Hotel Shoots:

At RoamFrame, we're not just behind the camera; we're in tune with the heartbeat of your hotel. Understanding the challenges photoshoots can pose to staff, management, and guests, our approach is always considerate and unobtrusive. We ensure a seamless experience that respects your establishment's rhythm and values the comfort and privacy of all involved.

Crafted Precision, Considerate Approach:

A hotel front desk agent checking in a business man at The Canalta Hotel in Saskatchewan, as a couple waits for the elevator, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Behind the Camera, Beside Your Team

Stoneridge Mountain Resort's outdoor pool in Canmore, Alberta, with the majestic Three Sisters Mountains in the background, set against a clear summer sky.

Frame Your Journey:
B2B Insights in Travel Imagery.


Welcome to RoamBlog, your definitive source for insights on photography, video, and tailored content catering to the B2B travel sector. Dive deep into a rich tapestry of articles, case studies, and visual narratives, all meticulously curated to empower travel businesses. Whether you're a hotelier, a tour operator, or a travel marketer, RoamBlog offers the expertise and innovation to illuminate your brand's story, ensuring it resonates powerfully with your industry peers and partners.


At RoamFrame, we're more than a photography and video company; we're your gateway to captivating visuals that elevate your hotel and resort marketing. Founded by Graham Twomey, with over two decades of experience in architectural and commercial photography, RoamFrame embodies excellence in the hospitality industry.

Our portfolio showcases a commitment to luxury, both in interior and exterior photography. From architectural marvels to the finest interior designs, we capture the essence of your property that resonates with discerning travellers worldwide.

Dive into the world of lifestyle photography, capturing the ambiance of your hotel's unique personality. Our night photography adds a touch of magic to your property, while outdoor shots embrace the natural beauty of your surroundings.

For those delectable dining moments, our food photography makes every dish an art piece. And when it comes to people, our portrait photography captures the warmth and professionalism of your staff.

We understand the power of social media marketing. That's why our visuals are designed to captivate audiences on platforms worldwide.

While we're a new company, RoamFrame's vision knows no boundaries. Our services are internationally available, paving the way for a global partnership. As we grow, our promise remains unwavering – to provide you with outstanding professional photography and video tailored to the world of tourism and travel.

Experience the RoamFrame difference today. Let's create a visual story that transcends borders and speaks to travellers everywhere."

Feel free to adapt and customize this description to suit your needs and use it to showcase RoamFrame's portfolio to your target audience in the hotel and resort industry.

Chateau Lake Louise Banff Alberta Bride in a white gown surrounded by bridesmaids and flower girls in a brightly lit room.
Silhouetted videographers capturing a scene on monitors during a production shoot.


At RoamFrame, we're not just photographers; we're storytellers through the lens of video. Founded by Graham Twomey, a Vancouver Film School graduate with a decade of experience in the Vancouver film industry, we bring cinematic creativity and expertise to the world of travel, hotels, and resorts.

Our video portfolio is a testament to the art of storytelling. Each frame captures the essence of your property, transporting viewers to the heart of luxury, adventure, and relaxation. We craft narratives that resonate with travelers, making your hotel or resort a must-visit destination.

Behind every video is a blend of planning, shooting, and editing that weaves together a compelling story. Graham's background in grant writing and TV commercial copywriting ensures your message is not just seen but felt.

Our expertise in tourism video marketing is your gateway to captivating audiences worldwide. We understand the unique needs of the hospitality industry, and our videos are designed to inspire wanderlust and showcase your property in the best light.

RoamFrame's commitment to creativity knows no bounds. Whether it's an immersive virtual tour, a promotional video, or content for social media, our videos speak to the heart of travel and adventure.

As we embark on our journey as a global company, our video portfolio becomes your passport to a world of possibilities. Let us tell your story, share your vision, and make your hotel or resort a destination worth exploring.

Discover the power of video storytelling with RoamFrame. Together, we'll make your property a star in the world of tourism."

Feel free to modify and use this description to showcase RoamFrame's video portfolio on your website's homepage to your target audience in the hotel and resort industry.


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