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Ai created graphic of past present and future of a hotel

Alright, folks, gather 'round as we dive into the wild world of marketing. It's a bit like that guest at your resort who can't decide whether to party by the pool or lurk in the lobby reading over people's shoulders. But let's make marketing work the room like a pro, shall we?

So, where's this marketing shindig happening? Picture it like telling the greatest story ever, partly because you're a tad delusional, but mostly because you believe in the place. It all begins with big, fluffy dreams filled with hashtags and filters. That's where your future guests sit in their cubicles, daydreaming about being at your resort, pretending to enjoy a sunrise jog.

And then, BAM! We're in the thick of it—the 'I'm here, and you're not' phase. Guests are lounging in your version of luxury, probably too much luxury if you ask me. I mean, who needs that many pillows? They’re snapping pics and crafting stories where, guess what, your property’s the superhero. It's like, "Look at me, I'm on vacation, and I know how to use a hashtag."

But the story doesn't end there; it's more like the 'Hey, remember how much fun I had?' tour. This is when your guests, back in the land of eternal office birthday parties, start getting all wistful, thumbing through their digital albums, sharing those glowing tales and photos that somehow look better than when they were actually there. “Here’s me pretending to read by the pool. #Relaxation.”

Each part of this saga—past, present, future—it's all choreographing your Average Daily Rate (ADR) dance. The future is the teaser, getting everyone hyped for the big reveal. The present is the main act, where your guests are suddenly influencers. And the past? That's the encore, the greatest hits album that just keeps selling because nostalgia, folks—it’s powerful.

Navigating this story is like herding cats, but you’ve gotta do it. Whether it’s with glossy, high-end commercial photos that make your place look like a celebrity’s home, those candid "Whoops, did I just take a video?" moments by your team, or guest-generated content that’s so raw it’s practically a sushi platter—each snapshot is a chapter in your story.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and figure out how to make these social media platforms work for you. It’s not rocket science. It’s like baking a cake—if you forget the sugar, everyone’s gonna know. Alright, time to get into it.

Let's try to answer the Why? What? Where? and When your guests post on social media.


Let's rewind the tape a bit and talk about "The Past." The Past—it’s like comfort food for our guests' social media souls, dishing out second helpings of sun-drenched memories and the kind of escapades that make you wonder why your office doesn’t have an ocean view.

A mojito drink in a lounge with limes, Ai created with Midjourney
Throwback to Paradise: Because Yesterday's Mojito is Today's #TBT

Throwback to Paradise: Because Yesterday's Mojito is Today's #TBT

The Purchase Story:

This is the final chapter, sure, but nobody told your guests that. They're back in the matrix, armed with a highlight reel of moments that say, "Yeah, I lived a little."


Your guests are pretty much the wizards of their social circles now, full of stories and ready to drop some vacation wisdom on anyone who’ll listen. They’re mixing up a cocktail of nostalgia and humble brags, serving it in a digital glass that everyone wants a sip from.

Platform: Facebook is like that comfy old couch of reminiscence. It's where "Remember when?" posts are currency, and "On This Day" notifications pop up like those relatives who always want to talk about the good old days.


We’re throwing everything at this—user-generated “wish you were here” postcards, slick, glossy professional photos that make your lobby look like it’s from a Bond film, and those candid staff pics that say, "Our employees are cooler than yours."

Best Strategy:

Get those guests to post their "Take me back" shots. Make them your unofficial PR team. They loved your place once; they'll shout it from their digital rooftops again.

And let's be real: Your online spot doesn’t need to be the social media equivalent of Times Square on New Year's Eve. Keep it classy. Share the good stuff—the exclusive offers, the events that make people wish they had a teleporter. But lay off the "We just changed our towels" posts. That’s not a headline; it’s barely a footnote.

Let the daily grind be someone else's gig. Your job is to be the maestro of memories. Comment on those reposts, sprinkle a little bit of that "we remember you" magic. And hey, if Mother Nature decides to put on a show over your resort, you capture that masterpiece and share it. It’s not about how often you post; it’s about posting the stuff that stops the scroll. Now get out there and let the good times roll—or repost, as it were.


Alright, folks, let's get down to the nitty-gritty, the 'Present.' Imagine your resort's the stage, and every guest is poppin' up in their own highlight reel. They're not just vacationing; they're turning your poolside into their personal soundstage—broadcasting their best life to the world in real-time.

Here’s the deal: the "Present" is where the rubber meets the road, where the welcome mat is out, and every check-in ding is like the start of a new show. Guests are buzzing more than that first sip of welcome sangria, and they've got an arsenal of gadgets to prove they're living large in your little Eden.

It's that buzz, you know? That electric jolt when you step onto the balcony and even the birds seem to be photobombing your killer view. Guests are jazzed up, they're bragging like it’s going out of style, and let’s be honest, everyone back home is eating it up.


We're talking Instagram and TikTok—social media's stage lights. This is where "wish you were here" transforms into "bet you wish you were me." It’s the land of the perpetual now, where stories last a day but the FOMO lasts forever.


It’s gotta be a mix. A cocktail of user-generated "I'm really here" selfies and those professional shots that make your resort look like a million bucks. And don't skip on those staff shenanigans—that's the secret sauce, the behind-the-scenes that everyone digs.

But how do you get guests to turn your resort into their personal paparazzi playground? It's like pulling a rabbit out of a hat—only instead of a rabbit, it’s that perfect sunset pic; instead of a hat, it's the perfect backdrop your resort provides. Whether it's those jaw-dropping vistas or the unique way you garnish a margarita, make sure there's always something to fill their feeds.

And if your place isn't exactly the traditional stunner, who cares? Maybe your motel's got more character than a reality TV star, or it’s sitting next to what they call "the world's second-most interesting rock formation." That’s gold, baby. There's a story there, and you've got the stage to tell it. Whip out that creative magic wand, or find a wizard who can spin the ordinary into Instagrammable platinum.

The present's your show, and it's live, people. So let’s make it one for the books—or the feeds, anyway. Lights, camera, and... post!


Alright, let’s saddle up and take a trip to tomorrow-land, otherwise known as the "Future." This is the place where “What if?” meets “Why not?” and the currency isn’t dollars—it’s dreams, baby.

Tomorrow’s Getaway, Pinned Today: Dream It Before You Do It!

This is where your guests are plotting their escapes, not with maps and compasses, but with vision boards and a hefty dose of wanderlust. It’s like they’re gathering around the digital campfire, swapping stories about the mythical land of 'Vacationtopia' they’re all aching to visit.

We’re talking about a vibe so hopeful, you can almost see the cartoon hearts popping out of their eyes. Every pin, every like, every share is a brick in the castle they’re building in the air—where every resort is a palace, and every motel, at the very least, a charming little kingdom.

Now, enter Pinterest, the promised land of 'might-be' and 'soon-shall.' It's where daydreams are dressed up as boards, and every pin is a vow for future adventures. This isn’t just scrapbooking; it’s blueprinting bliss.

And let’s get real about the media here. We’re not just talking

pics; we’re talking professional, glossy, “is this even real?” photos and videos. This is where you want your content to pop, sizzle, and explode like fireworks at a New Year's bash.

Haven't steered your marketing ship toward the Pinterest archipelago yet? Buddy, you're missing out. It's where your property isn’t just a location on a map; it’s the treasure. It's where you're not aiming to make guests say "Yes," you're looking for the "I do."

And remember, in the world of Pinterest, it's the quality and story of the pin that stick. No need to machine-gun your posts—make 'em count, make 'em beautiful, make 'em matter. They say Pinterest folks are ready to throw 80% more coin at their dreams compared to the other platform wanderers. Why? Because when you're in love with a dream, you're writing blank checks to the future.

When you're in love with a dream, you're writing blank checks to the future.

But when that pinner's fantasy starts morphing into an actual travel plan, your resort isn't just in the running; it's crossing the finish line, arms raised, ready to drop the mic. Pricing is just a footnote in their epic travel novel.

And let's not wander past LinkedIn without a hat tip. Sure, it's more starched shirt than swim-up bar, but it's where the business bigwigs and event planners are milling around, looking for places to land. It’s your B2B handshake, your digital business card, your "Let's do lunch."

So, whether you’re weaving future fantasies on Pinterest or networking on LinkedIn, every slice of content is a step toward making "one day" today. So, who’s ready to spin the wheel of fortune and pin their place on the map of tomorrow?

Other Platforms: YouTube – The Multi-Tool of Media

Jump into the deep end of YouTube, and you’re not just splashing around with homebrewed cat antics or the latest viral boogie-woogie. Nah, this place is the Swiss Army knife of the internet—a toolbox for nostalgia buffs, a crystal ball for dreamers, and a soapbox for the here and now.

Look, whether you're crafting a slick, shiny video that makes your resort look like the eighth wonder of the world, buddying up with influencers who can sell sand to the beach, or just letting guests go wild with their own uploads, YouTube’s got the space for it all.

  1. Past: Stroll down memory lane and you’ve got YouTube, the world’s attic, stuffed with everything from those "What were we thinking?" fashion home videos to the glossy, high-def montages of last year's holiday bash that somehow made Uncle Bob look cool.

  2. Present: Then there’s the 'live and kicking' vibe—where YouTubers turn your resort into their personal reality show. It’s a no-holds-barred, unfiltered peek into the 'I'm here and loving it' moments, served up fresh to the envy of all their followers.

  3. Future: And for those planning their next escapade? YouTube’s the genie in the bottle, baby. It’s spitting out how-tos, must-dos, and “You’ve gotta try this” videos faster than you can say "Where to next?"

The secret sauce for YouTube stardom? Mix one part entertainment, one part enlightenment, and throw in a wildcard for kicks. You’ve got to hook 'em with the heartstrings, tickle the grey matter, and always, always leave 'em with a little bit of "I didn’t see that coming."

Wrapping your head around YouTube is like trying to bottle a hurricane—it's vast, it's wild, and it's a beast of its own. It’s not just another rung on the social media ladder; it’s a whole different construction site. Trust me, dissecting YouTube's ins and outs is a saga worthy of its own epic tale, a blog odyssey that could make Homer look brief. So, stay tuned, because that’s a deep dive for another day, and it's going to be a blockbuster.

X/Twitter – The Unpredictable Playground
Ai generated angry man in hotel in an x shape

Alright, let’s take another jab at the platform that’s more tangled than last year's Christmas lights—Twitter (you know it, that feisty bird app).

Once upon a time, it was the go-to spot for quick updates, like a news ticker on hyperspeed. But these days? It's more like a free-for-all food fight in the digital cafeteria. For anyone in the hospitality biz, wandering into Twitter can feel like you’re a magnet for every conspiracy theorist or keyboard warrior out there. It’s risky terrain where a simple post about your eco-friendly towels could somehow land you in a debate on lunar landings.

Let's be blunt: mixing your resort's relaxing vibes with the high-strung energy of Twitter might be like serving a fine steak with a side of cotton candy—confusing at best, and at worst, a recipe for indigestion. Unless you've got the patience of a saint and the savvy of a Silicon Valley whiz kid, it might be time to wave goodbye to Twitter and find calmer seas.

RoamFrame – The Real MVP

As we wrap this up, let's circle back to the real MVPs—RoamFrame. For the record, capturing the perfect moment in hospitality isn't about luck; it's about skill, precision, and a touch of artistic genius. Whether you're looking to immortalize the sunset views from your balconies, capture the laughter in your lobby, or spotlight the culinary masterpieces that come out of your kitchen—RoamFrame is your go-to guru.

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Jump to:

Imagine a world where the distinction between prosumer and professional photography gear blurs into obscurity—a world where the device in your pocket can capture moments that once required a caravan of equipment and expertise. This isn't speculative fiction; it's the reality of today's photographic landscape.

There is excitement surrounding 'The Creator,' a cinematic endeavour that shattered every norm. It was the inaugural IMAX film shot not with an unwieldy, high-end camera, but with the Sony FX3, a device no larger than a can of Coke. The FX3, petite yet potent, marked a turning point, capturing life's grand scenes with astonishing clarity.

Sony FX3 filming hand held
Sony FX3

In 2013, the idea of capturing high-quality slow-motion footage on a phone was, to the professional world, absurd. Yet, when a client required a slow-motion video of dancers for their expansive lobby display, the iPhone 5c—fresh on the market—rose to the occasion. As a seasoned photographer, I couldn't fathom using only an iPhone on a professional shoot. In a stroke of ingenuity, I attached my iPhone atop my DSLR, creating the illusion of shooting with the larger camera while the iPhone did the legwork. The lobby installation remains impressive to this day.

Fast forward to 2024, and capturing crisp 4K video on an iPhone 14 Pro Max is not only possible but often indistinguishable from footage shot on more expensive gear. Equipped with a gimbal, these shots can rival the quality of traditional setups, providing a versatile solution when time or budget constraints arise.

If equipment has evolved to this level of sophistication, what then truly distinguishes a professional from an enthusiast?

The distinction lies not in the gear but in the vision behind the viewfinder.

Every property whispers its own story, eager for a translator to articulate its essence visually. Be it a modest roadside motel or a remote mountain chalet, each has a unique narrative. The real skill of a photographer lies in their ability to listen and to convey this narrative through their lens.


Creativity in our domain is more than capturing aesthetically pleasing shots; it's about storytelling, about weaving together the unique elements of your property into a visual narrative that captivates the imagination. It's about finding the extraordinary in the everyday.

If you're fortunate enough to have a marketing team with a well-defined vision, a proficient photographer should enhance that vision with their creative flair. However, not all hotels have the luxury of such a team. Often, it's a one-person act, performing a marketing high-wire act, who needs a photographer capable of being a collaborative creative force.

This is where you might just find a unicorn—a photographer who charts a course of originality and possesses an intimate grasp of the hospitality industry's marketing intricacies. They understand that capturing the morning light glinting off the lobby chandelier isn't just about the light; it's about conveying a welcome that resonates with every guest.


And here I am—Graham Twomey. More than a photographer, I'm a visual storyteller, a seeker of light and shadow, an architect of frame and perspective. I offer a tapestry woven from threads of creativity, one that presents not just your property but the very essence of your brand.

Ai created image Dall-E of camera god
God of Photography

In an era where technology no longer gate keeps quality, the real value lies in creativity. It's about seeing each frame as a part of a grander narrative—your property's story.

As we delve into the less glamorous yet equally vital aspects of creating mesmerizing images and videos, we recognize the beating heart of hotel photography: content planning. It's not enough to possess a keen eye; a photographer must also be a meticulous planner, a director of scenes, a choreographer of shots.

Content Planning

Content planning is key to visual storytelling within the hospitality industry. Each photograph, each video frame contributes to your property's narrative. A well-crafted content plan acts as a guide, highlighting the visual milestones that define your property's character across the seasons. It ensures that each visual element serves its purpose, advancing the story with each shot.

While a robust marketing strategy often includes detailed content planning, not all properties have access to such resources. Overstretched teams, juggling various responsibilities, can benefit from partnering with creatives who can not only capture their vision but also help shape it.

This is the role of a photographer or videographer equipped with a strategic mindset. They can create a content plan that complements your marketing endeavors and bolsters them, potentially freeing your team to focus on other vital areas, such as SEO and guest services.

For those seeking insight into the complexities of a content plan or guidance on creating one that's tailored to the unique rhythm of the hospitality industry, I'm here to help. Feel free to reach out, and let's explore how we can bring your property's story to life with purpose and artistry.


A good portfolio is how to choose a hotel photographer. A good photographer's work goes beyond the basics of lighting and composition. It's crucial to scrutinize their portfolio, focusing on the visual content rather than the website's design. A professional company should offer a clear and navigable website to showcase their work effectively.

When assessing a photographer's understanding of the subject, consider if they can capture a defining image that represents all facets of a property. While a skilled wedding photographer may excel in lifestyle shots, they might lack the specialized eye, lenses, or understanding necessary for creating images that not only highlight a room but also cater to the specific needs of OTAs like Expedia or TripAdvisor.


The art of direction is crucial in bringing a scene to life. A photographer must know how to prepare a room and direct people within it, managing every detail to create a scene that's both natural and compelling.

Family having fun in mountain hotel
Family lifestyle shoot Stoneridge Mountain Resort by Graham Twomey

When choosing a hotel photographer, it is essential to consider not just their portfolio, but how their ability could capture the unique narrative of your property.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is another critical aspect. A photographer's process for delivering images should be clearly outlined, with timelines dependent on the project's scope. A standard procedure might involve a two-week period for the initial delivery post-shoot, followed by a similar timeframe for revisions, ensuring efficiency and professionalism.


Reviews also play a significant role. It's not just about having positive feedback but relevant reviews that reflect the photographer's expertise in the required field. As I collect reviews from past clients, I'm reminded of the importance of this digital word-of-mouth, promising to be more active in both giving and receiving reviews.


Lastly, legal and professional credentials are non-negotiable. A photographer must have the necessary liability insurance and, in Canada, the appropriate drone operation licenses to ensure compliance and safety during shoots.

The photographer's role in the hospitality industry is multifaceted, requiring not only technical prowess but also a deep understanding of the sector's unique characteristics—topics I look forward to delving into in future discussions.

As we conclude this exploration, remember that the essence of professional photography is not just found in the images themselves but in the stories they weave, the careful planning that precedes them, and the insightful interpretation of each property's narrative.

If you're navigating the complex world of hotel photography and content planning, or simply seeking a new perspective on your visual marketing strategy, don't hesitate to reach out. Whether it's to exchange ideas, answer queries, or collaborate on capturing your property's unique story, I'm here to help. Let's connect and create imagery that not only showcases your space but also tells its story, one picture at a time.

Until our next photographic journey,

Graham Twomey

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Hotels being searched with magnifying glass
Create the perfect SEO for your hotel.

Hey Hospitality Trailblazers! If your resort's visual content has been lounging in the shadows of page two (or—gasp—beyond), it's time for a little SEO TLC, RoamFrame style. Think of images and videos as your hotel's online dating profile; sure, they've got to look good, but if they don't speak Google's language, how will your dream guests ever swipe right?

SEO: Your Hotel's Ticket to the Top (And We're Not Just Talking Penthouse Suites)

SEO is the secret sauce that turns your website into a traffic magnet. It's about more than just showing up; it's about standing out. And in the world where organic traffic is king, SEO is your trusty steed, ready to charge into the battle for bookings and win.

The RoamFrame VIP Treatment: It's All Included, No Extra Charge

At RoamFrame, we don't just hand you stunning visuals; we deliver them SEO-ready to dominate the search engine scene. And the best part? Our SEO bells and whistles come at no extra cost. Here's the RoamFrame rollout:

1. File Naming:

Say adios to 'IMG_007.jpg' and hello to 'yourbrand-ocean-view-suite.jpg'. We’re all about names that pack a punch and please the SEO gods.

2. File Formatting:

We put your images and videos on a byte diet, perfectly balancing quality and speed with formats that have Google grinning.

3. Alt Text and Title Text:

We're like the poets of the metadata world, crafting descriptions that are sweet music to search engines' ears.

4. Captions and Transcripts:

Every video we shoot comes with a screenplay, making sure Google gets every line of your visual story.

Searching a laptop with a magnifying glass
Time to do a SEO audit of your images.

We don't just hand you stunning visuals; we deliver them SEO-ready to dominate the search engine scene.

And we wrap all this up with a big, shiny SEO bow for your photos and video —no hidden fees, no asterisks, just good old-fashioned value.

Sitemaps and Schema Markup:

Your Web Wizard's New Best Friends

While we've got you covered on the visual front, there's more SEO magic to be had. Sitemaps and Schema Markup are like your website's road signs, telling search engines exactly where to go and what to see. These are not part of RoamFrame's standard shoot package because, well, they're not one-size-fits-all. But fret not—your web developer can set them up, or you can team up with RoamFrame's marketing consulting, and we'll map out a strategy faster than you can say "Page One, here we come!"

Conclusion: The RoamFrame Revolution

So, there you have it, the RoamFrame revolution in all its glory. We're here to catapult your hotel into the SEO stratosphere and make sure when guests are searching, they're finding you. Need a partner in SEO crime? Contact RoamFrame, where every image and clip comes SEO-optimized, because let's face it, you've got better things to do—like running the best hotel ever.

Let's get your property primped for the search engine runway. With RoamFrame, you're not just in the hotel business; you're in the getting-found business.

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